The Academy of St Martin in the Fields returns to live music

World-renowned chamber orchestra Academy of St Martin in the Fields staged their first few post-pandemic concerts through July and August 2021, selling tickets for both the in-person events and digital screenings of the performances. Spark was brought in to run their paid social media advertising campaigns.

The first step was a deep dive into the data from all of the orchestra’s online platforms to learn as much as possible about their digital audiences. After a lot of data crunching (and the creation of some very aesthetically pleasing graphs), ASMF had a full profile of who was using their social media and website, what kind of content they preferred, where they were based in the world, and all kinds of other demographic info.

Using the digital audience profile we set up several ads across the orchestra’s social media channels, creating videos for these (see below) using some fantastic footage from pre-Covid performances.

The results were extremely positive, showing high levels of click-throughs and other engagements, and successfully hitting the same types of audiences we had identified in the digital profile.

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